Food Safety

We are committed to ensuring that our food is safe for your enjoyment. Our goal is not only to make sure it tastes great but also stays fresh so you can enjoy every bite of the experience!

Grande Produce Food Safety Program

Grande Produce is a company that specializes in Mexican sourced fruits and vegetables. When it comes to storage and distribution, we take on the role of market leader by fulfilling the needs of our customers with food safety always at top priority. Food safety has been Grande’s number one concern since its inception, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction through quality produce.

We have a responsibility–to both ourselves and those who depend on us-to provide only what we can stand behind with utmost confidence: safe food at all times. That means monitoring every stage of production as well as carefully inspecting produce so it makes its way onto your plate without worry or question.

With our management team regularly following Good Manufacturing Practices and providing training to employees, we ensure that your food is always safe.

Ensuring the safety of our customers’ produce requires constant effort on behalf of our whole team. In order for us to provide you with assurance about what’s in your next meal, all staff members are trained by HACCP principles––ensuring they’re up-to-date on new regulations around foreign supplier verification requirements––and keep abreast of GMP standards as well as FS Preventative Controls Human Foods guidelines.

We hold ourselves accountable to fully implement our Food Safety program and continuously seek ways to improve the food safety system in our entire produce supply chain. Our facility is Primus GFS certified, which means we are meeting all standards for best practices when it comes to handling fresh fruits and vegetables. We insist on refining this process by holding growers, vendors, suppliers accountable from top-to-bottom of every step along the way; this ensures that you will always find only safe produce at our warehouses.

We are committed to protecting our customers from food safety hazards as well as sharing information about the most recent happenings in this industry.

We’re dedicated to providing you with up-to-date knowledge on how we maintain a safe and wholesome environment for all of our products, while also being environmentally conscious by limiting waste whenever possible–all without sacrificing affordability or quality!

2022-2023 Primus GFS Certificate