At Grande Produce your satisfaction is our number one priority and we cater around it by providing unbeatable service that ensures every customer leaves happy with their buying experience.

Competitive Advantages

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience.

Mix & Match Pallets

We pride ourselves in being one of the very few companies that offer mixed orders. Customers are free to mix and match the product they order, giving them flexibility they won’t find anywhere else.

Secure Warehouse

At Grande Produce we understand the importance of security because in our point of view a safe company is a reliable company.

Extensive Inventory

We offer an extensive variety of produce that is always in stock, regardless of the season. We have reliable non-stop service for our customers 365 days per year.

Freight Solutions

We manage our own transportation to ensure your produce leaves our facility and arrives to you in same level of quality it left in.

Case Level Traceability

We utilize state of the art software that allows us to locate any given issue, at any given time, down to the case it originated in.

Unparalleled Customer Service

In our quest for the ultimate customer experience we have set in place operating systems that make it a breeze for our clients to order and track their shipments.

Our Commitment

Grande Produce is committed to its customers and suppliers, always striving for success. Thanks to your loyalty we have grown tremendously in the past 20 years! Without you, our company would not be where it currently stands today. We promise that both service and quality will never change because of how important they are – especially with regards to safety standards which set us apart from other competitors who might put production above all else without considering what’s best for their consumers’ health or satisfaction levels.

In honor of Grande Produce’s dedication towards its loyal customer base as well as those partners on whom this business relies–our supplier network–we pledge not only a commitment toward growth but also an unwavering focus on excellent service coupled with equally stellar standards.

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