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Tamales Leaf - WT #
24/1 - 24
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Total Boxes Per Pallet : 25
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Tamales Leaf (Corn Husk)

Corn is a tall plant grass that has large ears with many seeds or kernels. These seeds grow in rows on the larger areas and are eaten as vegetables. Corn plant increase in weight slowly early in the growing season but as more leaves are exposed to sunlight, the rate of dry matter accumulation gradually increases. The leaves of the plant are produced first, followed by the leaf sheaths, stalk, husks, ear shank, cob and finally the grain.

Selection, Usage and Storage Information

Usage: Mexican cuisine
Traditional Mexican tamales are wrapped in corn husks. First, the corn husks must be submerged in warm water. Once soaked, the corn husks are laid out and basted with dough before being filled with meat, cheese or etc. The prepared tamales are then tied and steamed.


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