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Green Onion (Cebollitas)

Scientific Binomial Name: Allium wakegi

In general, Green onions are young immature plants harvested very early before the plant grows further big, and its bulb becomes larger. For the same purpose, the crop is planted closely in the field in order to stunt their bulb's growth.

Selection, Usage and Storage Information
Selection: Good-quality Green Onions, also known as spring onion, salad onion, onion sticks, green shallots, and siobhes, have bright-white bulbs with dark green ends, are straight along their entire length and are crisp. Green onions are basically onions that have not matured - they are picked while the tops are green and the bulbs are small..

Usage: Salads, seasoning, vegetable platters, baking, stir-fry, soups & virtually all meat dishes.

Storage: Once at home, wash in cold water, gently pat them dry using moisture absorbent cloth and store inside the refrigerator placed in a perforated plastic bag set at high relative humidity. Well- preserved Green Onions should last for a week to 10 days..
Avoid: Avoid over-mature, yellow leaves as they are more pungent and have a strong flavor like that of onions. Furthermore, avoid those with withered, yellow discolored, dry tops.
Seasonal Information
Fresh Green Onions are readily available in the vegetable markets all around the year.

Safety profile
Green Onions handling may cause mild irritation to skin, mucus membranes, and eyes but to the very less extent than other allium members like onion.

Nutritional Information


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