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Packaging Options
Persian Limes - WT #
275's - 40
250's - 40
230's - 40
200's - 40
175's - 40
150's - 40
110's - 40
  Pallet Options
Boxes: 10 Tiers: 5
Total Boxes Per Pallet : 50
We can customize pallets to client needs.
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Persian Limes

Scientific Binomial Name: Citrus aurantifolia
Juicy, acidic and flavorful lemon is the most widely used citrus fruit worldwide. Lime is a close related species, relatively smaller in size and possesses a thinner skin. It is the smallest among citrus fruits; nevertheless, contains more health benefiting nutrients than other citrus family fruits like oranges, pomelo etc.

Selection, Usage and Storage Information

Selection: Good-quality Limes will be medium to large in size, smooth skinned, light to deep-green in color and firm but not too hard.

Usage: cooking, garnish, beverages, juice

Storage: home, store them in plastic pouch and place in the refrigerator where they keep well for up to a week. Store freshly squeezed lemon juice inside the freezer compartment for later use. Store dried zest in a cool, dry place in an air-tight glass container away from moisture. Avoid: Avoid dark colored as they are immature and would not be as juicy. Avoid those with dark spots, overtly soft or spongy as they tend to perish early.

Seasonal Information
Peak season is April through August, though they are available in the stores all around the year.

Safety profile
Limes juice is very low in PH, about 2.0. Its sour taste sometimes causes burning sensation if encounters with mouth, tongue, and lip ulcers. In addition, if taken large amounts may exacerbate acid-peptic disease and stomach ulcer conditions.

Nutritional Information


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