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Grande Produce Food Safety Program
At Grande Produce, food safety is our highest priority. We are committed to food safety excellence in all aspects of our business and operations. We strive each day to provide our customers and consumers with Mexico-grown specialty products that are not only the highest quality available in the marketplace, but that are also food-safe.

Our Comprehensive Food Safety Program focuses on preventative controls at every stage, beginning with the safety of the products we receive. Management regularly measures for compliance against Good Manufacturing Practices and the HACCP system. Management staff is fully trained and certified in Food Safety Preventative Controls for Human Foods and Foreign Supplier Verification principles as outlined in the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Our rigorous standards are regularly verified and validated for effectiveness by outside third-party experts. Our facility is Primus GFS certified and we hold our growers, vendors and suppliers accountable for fully implementing our strict food safety requirements

Employee food safety training and performance objectives are implemented and regularly assessed to ensure our teams are vigilant and consistently in compliance with all required food safety practices. A process of continuous improvement is also mandated, which focuses efforts on state-of-the-art advancements and mitigation strategies.

We dedicate ourselves each day to earning the trust of our customers and consumers. We are committed to full accountability and take immediate action to remedy any issue that may arise in our product supply chain.

Finally, we are committed to sharing food safety information and learnings across our business and with regulators, customers, vendors, suppliers and consumers. Our program is reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims and aspirations of the company and that it is kept up-to-date with legislative requirements.

Updated July 2017

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