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Epazote - WT #
Green Epazote 24ct - 20 Approx.
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Total Boxes Per Pallet : 56
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Scientific Binomial Name: Dysphania ambrosioides

Epazote is a popular Central American herb used by native Mexicans since antiquity. Its strong musky flavor gives unique taste to Mexican and other Latin American cuisines. Its young shoots and leaves used like vegetable in soups while mature, pungent leaves used as digestive and carminatives in bean, fish and corn dishes.

Selection, Usage and Storage Information

Selection: While buying the herb, look for fresh, small, young tender leaves, as mature leaves are pungent and strong scented.

Usage: Epazote has a strong pungent flavor with dominant petroleum and mint smell. Its leaves, fresh or dried, and young shoots are being used as seasoning the dishes in Mexican, Chilean and other South American region.

To prepare: wash the leaves in cold water as in other greens and herbs. Few leaves or 1-2 sprigs are just enough to scent the food. It is particularly added in the traditional black-bean recipes to improve digestion.

Storage: Once at home, store unwashed in the refrigerator as other greens, wrapped in a dampen towel.

Avoid: Avoid large, flower stems with yellow or wilted leaves.

Seasonal Information
Epazote is available year-round in the stores specializing Latin American herbs. One may also find dried leaves in the spice stores.

Nutritional Information

Safety profile
Epazote (wormseed) should be used in small quantities. Its seed oil rather contains large concentration of ascaridole and other monopterenes. When taken internally, these chemicals in the oil may cause extensive damage to liver, kidney, rhythm disturbances in the heart and nervous systems. For the same reason, wormseed oil is banned by IFRA (International fragrance association) for both external and internal use of its products.

The herb parts should not be included in the nursing and pregnant mothers for its possible toxic effects.


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