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Banana Leaf - WT #
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Bananan Leaves
Scientific Binomial Name: Musa Paradisiac

Banana leaves used in cuisine are generally large, flexible, and waterproof. When cooking food with or serving or wrapping food with banana leaves, they may confer an aroma to the food leaves; steaming with banana leaves imparts a subtle sweet flavor to the dish

Selection, Usage and Storage Information
Usage: In Caribbean and Mexican cuisine

In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, banana leaves and parchment paper form the wrapper for pasteles (similar to tamales). Ground green bananas stuffed with meat are packed inside and then boiled with the banana leaf imparting extra flavor and aroma.

Mexican, and more specifically Tamales Veracruzanos y Oaxaqueños and a local variety of lamb meat, or barbacoa tacos are often steamed in banana leaves. Banana leaves are used for wrapping pork in the traditional Yucatán dish Cochinita pibil. The

Hawaiian imu is often lined with banana leaves.


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