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Food Safety Policy Statement
We at Grande Produce LTD, CO consider ourselves to be a market leader when it comes to the storage and distribution of Mexican specialty products. Taking on the role of a leader comes with great responsibility to fulfill the needs of our customers and provide products of the highest quality while always focusing on food safety. Food safety is our number one concern here at Grande Produce LTD, Co and we strive to make sure that our customers receive the safest products on the market.

Our main goal is to continue to provide high quality products for years to come but we understand that in doing so we need to always make sure that the products we receive and ship are always safe to eat. We are dedicated to continue earning the trust of our customers and that's why we always take preventative measures to avoid any type of illness.

We will regularly measure for compliance against Good Manufacturing Practices and implement training and performance objectives to our employees to assure our clients and customers that we are providing produce which is safe to eat while meeting their quality expectations.

We hold ourselves accountable to fully implement our Food Safety program and continuously seek ways to improve the food safety system in our entire produce supply chain. We hold our growers, vendors, and suppliers accountable for fully implementing our requirements of food safety.

We are committed to sharing information on food safety issues across our business and with regulators, customers, vendors, suppliers and consumers. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims and aspirations of the company and it is kept up to date with legislative requirements.

Security Measures
At Grande Produce we understand the importance of security because in our point of view a safe company is a reliable company. We have in place access control Procedures with security guards working 24/7 and a CCTV system with over 50 cameras strategically located to ensure operation, health, and Safety procedures are being followed accurately according to our company policies.

Security Officers control access of Grande Produce Secured Areas. All visitors & employees must be properly logged in on the DAILY VISITOR LOG all this to prevent access to unauthorized persons.

1) Employees
Employee must show their employee's company I.D. to be allowed into the Secured Areas of Grande Produce.

2) Visitors / Vendors / Service Providers
Visitors, vendors, and service providers must present photo identification upon arrival in order to be granted permission to enter the premises. A log is kept of every visitor that enters our facilities. All visitors are issued a temporary ID badge to properly identify each individual.

Freight Solutions
What distinguishes Grande Produce is our ability to provide the best price, quality, and service to our clients by managing the freight ourselves, from the grower all the way to the buyer's doorstep. We assume the responsibility of making sure merchandise arrives on time and in excellent condition, allowing our customers to concentrate on selling rather than buying. Our customers can pick up the phone, place their order and count on us to deliver since we use one of the most experienced, safe, and reliable freight services in Mexico and all over United States. Cano and Sons Trucking, LLC is a US/Mexico C-TPAT Certified Carrier and is part of our Great Group of Companies working together to provide the best price, quality, and service you deserve.

Overseeing the transportation allows us to get our products from the farm to you in as little as three days which means longer-lasting, better-tasting fruits and vegetables for you and your own customers. This is possible because at Grande Produce & Cano and Sons Trucking, LLC we rely on high technology and innovative systems. Our freight services offer top of the line thermo king refrigeration in addition to satellite tracking technology for every Truck and Trailer in its entire fleet.

Speed, Safety, and quality are what we're all about. Call us today to find out why Grande Produce is the right choice for you.

Take a look at our transportation website on www.canoandsonstrucking.com

Inventory Management Software
At Grande Produce we rely on high technology and innovative systems. We use the most complete software in the produce industry today called "Famous Software" to conduct our everyday operations. This software allows us to have complete control of our products and full Traceability for our products in case of a product recall is needed for safety precautions.

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