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Scientific Binomial Name: Persea americana "Hass"
The Hass cultivar is the most widely grown avocado cultivar. The Hass avocado was developed and patented by Californian mail carrier Rudolph Hass in 1935.

Selection, Usage and Storage Information

Selection: The Hass, or Haas, avocado is dark-colored with a rough and bumpy skin. Most other varieties are greener and have smoother skin. Signs of ripeness differ by variety. Hass varieties will turn black when ripe while other varieties remain green. All varieties yield to gentle pressure when ripe. (Softer for guacamole, more firm for slicing) Usage: Salads, guacamole, dressings.

Storage: At home; store avocado in a cool, dark place. Unripe fruits usually placed in a paper wrap with a banana or apple in order to speed up ripening.

Avoid: Avoid very hard fruits as they may take quite some time to ripen properly. On the other hand, avoid buying excessively ripe ones as their pulp is rather mushy and featuring little, if any, flavoring. Furthermore, look carefully for any surface cuts, blemishes, and spots.

Seasonal Information In Mexico are five regions that are major producers: Michoacán, Mexico, Morelos, Puebla and Nayarit. Michoacán contributes to 86% of production to the national total Haas Avocados are available year-round from Michoacán with the peak season is between the months of October to February. In USA Haas Avocados are available year-round from California with the peak in June. (The Hass variety comprises 90% of the California crop). Peak season for Florida varieties is January while peak for imports (mostly from Chile) is October and November.

Safety Profile
Raw unripe avocados concentrated with tannins. High tannin content makes them bitter and unappetizing. Very high levels of tannins in the food prevent minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorus and vitamins from absorption in the gut.Although very rare, eating avocados may result in allergic symptoms in some latex-sensitive persons. The symptoms may include itching in the throat, hives, runny nose, breathlessness, etc. Often the symptoms are mild and self-limiting.

Nutritional Information


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